At Steelwood Country Club, we think our members deserve an escape from reality. To give our members the best experience possible, we provide upscale facilities and an array of activities ranging from massage therapy and fitness to children’s summer golf and tennis clinics. There is something for the whole family to enjoy each season at Steelwood Country Club.

Tucked away in the pines, services are held at Steelwood’s Chapel every Sunday at 10:30 am. Click the link to learn more about Steelwood’s Chapel.

Fitness Center
Steelwood’s Fitness Center has everything you need, including free weights, treadmill, stairmaster, and more.
Learn more about the Fitness Center.

Pro Shop
Steelwood’s Pro Shop is available for all of your golfing needs.
Learn more about the Pro Shop.

Stewart Lodges
The two fully furnished lodges overlook Steelwood’s 200-acre fully stocked, fresh water lake. The Stewart Lodges include private guest rooms and baths, screened in porches, television, internet, and more.
Learn more about the Stewart Lodges.

The Members’ Lodge
Weekend getaways, Corporate Retreats and Family Celebrations… where the livin’ is easy. The Members’ Lodge has 12 private rooms with a sleeping capacity of 32 as well as meeting areas for large groups. Visit the Members’ Lodge website to find out more.

Swimming Pool
Enjoy a peaceful swim and sunbathing at Steelwood’s swimming pool, a great way to cool off in the Alabama sunshine.
Learn more about Steelwood’s swimming pool.

Croquet is an increasingly popular sport in the United States, and the Steelwood Country Club has a beautiful croquet court!

For people unfamiliar with the game, croquet at The Steelwood Country Club is not what you played in your backyard as a youngster. The six-wicket croquet games played here, derived from the 160-year-old British sport, are much more difficult than you might think. The Steelwood Croquet Association Club holds practice games and tournaments that pair beginners with more experienced players to help new players learn the game.

Members of Steelwood Country Club are invited to join The Steelwood Croquet Association by calling (334) 481-0222 or emailing [email protected]

The Steelwood Croquet Association also offers an ambitious schedule of tournaments each season, and you can play in as many of these as you like. Friendly competition is at the heart of The Steelwood Croquet Association.